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Serving Austin, Texas and the surrounding area with

House Calls for Dogs & Cats

Providing Acupuncture, Hospice Care and Euthanasia


About Me

I started Healing Arts Housecalls ten years ago with the idea that I could offer a higher level of personalized care for patients in their homes. I use all tools available (Western medicine, acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbs and other supplements) to help keep patients comfortable and functional and enjoying life as long as possible. I also offer a peaceful release for patients when they are no longer able to live a good life.


Dr. Sara Schaubert


Our focus is comfort for both pets and their owners. We offer house calls in Austin and surrounding areas for acupuncture, hospice care and euthanasia. 


Acupuncture is the ancient art of stimulating the body to heal itself. The first written record of acupuncture treatments dates back to 200 BC. In 1988 the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) approved acupuncture as a recognized alternative therapy.

Pet Hospice Care

Hospice care is detail oriented personal care with a focus on comfort and quality of life. This type of care can be helpful for any pet where owners have decided not to pursue more aggressive treatments, even if a terminal diagnosis has not been made. It can be a support to pets as well as the owners.


An experienced veterinarian can help owners decide if euthanasia should be considered. Every pet’s passing should be peaceful and dignified. This is best done in the comfortable setting of home with best friends close at hand. House call euthanasia can make this difficult time easier.

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