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Euthanasia for Cats and Dogs

The decision to choose euthanasia for a pet is never easy, but sometimes it is the kindest choice. There are many factors to consider:


  • What is the patient’s condition and quality of life? Does this pet still enjoy any of his usual activities?

  • What is the level of pain, and can it be controlled with medication or other treatments?

  • What are the chances for improvement in this patient’s condition?

  • Are owners or other care givers able to provide the nursing care needed to keep this patient comfortable?


An experienced veterinarian can help owners answer these questions and decide if euthanasia should be considered. Seeing a patient in the home environment gives that veterinarian even more information to help with this decision. Once the decision for euthanasia is made it is important to make sure it is done with the pet’s physical and emotional comfort in mind.


Every pet’s passing should be peaceful and dignified. This is best done in the comfortable setting of home with best friends close at hand. House call euthanasia can make this difficult time easier. Before euthanasia pets will be given a sedative injection to allow them to relax and become unconscious while with their owner. After this sedation has taken effect, the euthanasia injection can be given painlessly in a vein to help them pass on peacefully. 

Pick up for cremation is usually pre-scheduled and can happen immediately after euthanasia or after a planned delay. Fond Memories provides respectful and conscientious care for private or communal cremation. 

"Our dog Dixie gave me so much comfort and peace throughout her 13 years of life, it was only right that we do everything we could to provide the same for her in her last moments. When Dr. Schaubert gave us the option of spending those moments with Dixie in our own home we knew it was the only way to say goodbye to someone who had been such a crucial part of our family and lives. Sara came to our house and walked us through every step of the process and truned what could have been cold, chaotic and fear inducing into a calm, intimate and peaceful experience. We will be forever gratedul to her for easing Dixie's passing by the incredible act of kindness and compassion. "    


Kibbe Crowley


"When our beautiful German Shepherd could no longer get up without pain, we called on Dr. Schaubert to come to our house to put him to sleep.  She explained to us exactly what would happen and gave us a little time to say our last goodbyes.  She petted him and spoke to him gently, and gave him his shot as we were feeding him some of his favorite treats. He went quickly and peacefully.  We were in tears and Sara was so respectful of what we were going through.  She even sent us a condolence card later because she knew how much we loved him.  We also had to call on her when our cat was very ill, to make him as comfortable as possible for as long as possible, and finally to put him to sleep as well.  We were grateful that we knew whom to call when Jake and Tigre were in their last stages and for Sara’s straightforward and gentle dealings with our pets and with us during such a difficult time. "


Suzanne Hershey

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