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Pet Cremation

 Argos Pet Cremations      512-534-0291


They are very conscientious and go above and beyond to provide personalized services. I recommend them if you are considering cremation for your pet. 

Coping with Loss

Dealing with the loss of a pet is hard. It's usually a good ideal to ask for help. This website is a great resource to find a trained counselor who can help you through the transition. 

"It Must Hurt A Lot" by Doris Sanford and "When a Pet Dies" by Fred Rogers are two books that can be helpful in discussing the loss of a pet with children. 

Pet Grooming

Carolyn's Mobile Cat Grooming           817-247-7292

Carolyn has done some things with cat grooming that I did not think would be possible. She has the experience and patience to help many felines who would otherwise have to be sedated for grooming. 

Internet  Resources 

This is a helpful website for information about diets, both commercial and homemade. They offer many useful articles on pet diets as well as consultation with a veterinary nutritionist for a fee.


International Veterinary Acupuncture Society

This is the organization that I did my acupuncture training with. They have some useful information about acupuncture treaments in dogs and cats. 


Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

I am currently working on my herbal classes with this organization. They also have information for pet owners about Eastern medicine for pets.  

Online Store & Pharmacy
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