Pet Cremation

  Fond Memories       512-836-7297


They are very conscientious and go above and beyond to provide personalized services. I recommend them if you are considering cremation for your pet. 

Pet Grooming

Carolyn's Mobile Cat Grooming           817-247-7292

Carolyn has done some things with cat grooming that I did not think would be possible. She has the experience and patience to help many felines who would otherwise have to be sedated for grooming. 

Online Store & Pharmacy
Internet  Resources 

This is a helpful website for information about diets, both commercial and homemade. They offer many useful articles on pet diets as well as consultation with a veterinary nutritionist for a fee.


Peak Performance 

This is a veterinary practice in Colorado that specializes in pain management and produces and tests their own CBD oils. They have useful information about dosing for dogs and cats and can ship their products to Texas. 


International Veterinary Acupuncture Society

This is the organization that I did my acupuncture training with. They have some useful information about acupuncture treaments in dogs and cats. 


Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

I am currently working on my herbal classes with this organization. They also have information for pet owners about Eastern medicine for pets.